Drinking for pleasure

As winter has made its grand entrance many people have either heard discussions or engaged in debates about the flu injection.  Some people prefer not to entertain the belief that having the flu injection prevents you from getting the flu during winter and others have the flu injection on a yearly basis as religiously as they go for their annual check ups or have a birthday.

1.    If you are taking medication – do not drink alcohol

2.    While partying the night away you will feel warmer, so wrap up tightly before going outside         to prevent getting sick

3.    Don’t drink and drive

4.    If you prefer home remedies to modern medicine don’t over indulge

Although these four tips are common knowledge, they are easy to forget while feeling a little under the weather or being distracted by a night of fun with friends!

A simple hot toddy or listening to your body can also help to fight off the common cold before it can truly gain hold.  If you have a hectic lifestyle taking a week and just snuggling up under the covers with a good book or your favorite TV series every night will be more beneficial to your general health than rushing out into the cold winter night for another party.

What ever you do and how ever you look after yourself this winter make sure that you take good care of yourself so that you are ready to face the summer full of energy and excitement.

Whether you are fortunate enough to go through winter without getting sick or you land up being ‘man down’ for a week or two, there are a few things that may help you to get through the winter period.


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